Leave it to the Night Shift

Last night I dreamt I worked at the Earth Defense Directorate, monitoring a hostile armada that was floating just outside of our planetary defense shield, blockading any travel and just waiting to pounce.  It was near the end of my shift, and I noticed we had one mechanized infantry unit stationed on the near side of the moon.

So we embedded a virus in the song “Get Together” by the Youngbloods and beamed it to our moon unit, which redirected it toward the fleet.  We were able to watch the virus propagate, which our smartalecky artificial intelligence interface represented as instantly multiplying rabbits.  First there were two healthy rabbits, then ten, then 300… within less than a minute there were millions of rabbits (representing the Get Together virus) which looked weary and haggard.  With that my work was finished for the evening, and I was on the shuttle back to to Earth.

I’m not sure what the effect of the virus will be on the alien armada, but I’ll leave that to the night shift.

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