Right On Time

Spring break has finally arrived for me, right on time.  It was rather late this year; Easter falls late in the year this year, and we’ve always had Spring break scheduled the week of Easter.  Most schools in the… you know… the rational world… they took their spring breaks earlier this  year, but the Catholic schools in the North Deanery nooooooo, we had to stick to tradition.  Remind me to raise hell if they ever schedule our spring break so late again.

Anyway, today is Good Friday; we had short classes and a Stations of the Cross service.  When the bell rang I ran out the front door screaming at the top of my lungs, throwing my books and papers into the air, like they do on tv.  That was followed by some Thai food, which was followed by a serious macchiato at Espresso Vivace.  The barista poured a fern design on my macchiato like he was checking the time.  I love Seattle.

Work has kept me busy lately; that, and being broke.  I’ve had a burst of inspiration recently, but that stays under wraps for a while.  In the mean time, I have all next week off, and I’ll try to do some blogging.  Here are some future blog posts:

  • Words I don’t use (i.e., mate, cheers, retarded, guys, whatnot, etc.)
  • My Spots In Seattle (I’ve been promising this one for a while now)
  • How I’ll spend my summer (not exactly sure yet, but Taiwan is a maybe)
  • Ridiculous Shit…
Ok, I can’t resist.  Let’s do some ridiculous shit now:
Here’s a screenshot that sums up my time at ILL and SpanishPod101.  It still cracks me up to look at this:

Master Recording Levels at spanishpod101

Ok, if you’re not used to editing audio, you might not know what this is; but for those of us that have worked with audio, you have probably spit your coffee out by now; that is, if you didn’t laugh it out your nose.  The flat lines that you see are supposed to be a wave form.  When we recorded a sp101 lesson, this is the level of the audio that we’d take back to the office.  It’s around 2%.. in other words, EXTREMELY POOR.  I tried to tell the higher ups, but every time, they told me, don’t worry, JP, they’ll fix it in post… that’s how they prefer it.  So now you know; they had to amplify and torture our audio to make it… audible to humans.  So if you were ever wondering why it sounded like I was recording in a trash can, it’s because… hahaha, it’s because I was recording in a trash can, so to speak.  At Praxis we recorded at about 40%.

After 10 months of recording like this, the boss showed up in the New York office and started asking me about recording specs and what they needed… and he ACTUALLY told me that ILL has higher audio quality standards than Praxis did.  I almost laughed in his face.  You know, it’s bad enough when people lie to you, it’s worse that they expect you to believe it…  I mean, I do have ears; this is not a matter of debate.  Pull up any sp101 podcast from any time in history, and it will sound like it was mixed by 5th graders.  I’m sorry, that’s mean to fifth graders.

The funniest part… do you see that there are two parallel flatlines up there?  That’s because they wanted us to record in stereo, which is a relative pain in the ass.  WE RECORDED FLATLINES IN STEREO!  And sold it to people!  haha.

And here’s a picture that sums up life in China.  There is way too much to comment on here, so I’ll leave you to imagine your own thousand words… (via)

This. Is. China.

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