Three Short Notes

I am totally watching The Voice.  It’s not that I’ve fallen for the hype (which rivals the hype for the royal wedding); I was always annoyed by the singing and talent competition shows… judging someone is cheap and easy; most of the time the judges give ten seconds of criticism, not even notes.  It’s the mentorship aspect that is interesting.  Also, it’s nice to hear polished singers, not bundles of nerves missing the notes.  We’ll see how it goes after the first stage; we’ll see if they roll up their sleeves and actually make the singers better.


I roasted a chicken today.  400 degrees for an hour, rest for 15 min.  I was in a hurry, so just some salt and pepper on the skin.  No oil, no fat, no nothing.  It was the best roast chicken I’ve ever made.  There was also some wilted spinach and rice mix.


Today has been quite a day.  You know we live and learn, and life doesn’t always go how we plan it.  I got a surprise roommate today, which wasn’t a part of anybody’s plan.  I’m glad to be in a position to help.

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