Free Pizza

I have eaten way way too much protein.  So much protein, the idea of more protein was making my stomach turn.

This is not going to be the most compelling post… fair warning.  But I figure a free pizza can count as news on a day where “news” is Trump the Birther, the Voice (which I’m kind of loving), and the ugly-ass hat festival taking place in London.

So I’m literally sick of protein, all I want is bread, dairy, and veggies.  And a little protein.  So I ordered a medium from Mad Pizza and hopped in the car to pick it up.  When I got there I told the pizza guy I had ordered online, and he said yah, medium smoked chicken!  And I said no; hawaiian.

He checked the ticket and said, oh, you’re right.  Well, I’ll make it for you right now, and you can have the smoked chicken. Sorry about that.

Did I just get a free pizza?  Yes he said, and then he offered me a free drink while I waited.

I thought about where I could donate that wrong, free pizza to, but in the end I ended up taking it home with me.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow.  I also bought (and paid for) a spinach salad, because I know pizza gives me a stomach ache, especially when the crust is soggy.


In other news, I bought an inexpensive desk at Ikea, and I’ll need a drill to put it together (16 screws to attach the legs, and then a couple of holes for power cords).

I checked out some drills at Lowe’s and then left empty handed; the cheapest drill was $30 bones.  Guh!  So I asked Facebook if someone would loan me a drill.   And then I went to my storage space, to see if I hadn’t sold my old drill before moving to China.

In fact, I did not find my old drill; I think I done sold it.  But I did find a bunch of cool things, including a coffee grinder, a cheese cutter, a big old power strip, some steel flower pots, chargers for the dining room table, a music stand, and the oyster knife that’s been in my family since I was little.  Yes, I found the family oyster knife!

But alas, no drill.  So my friend C in Ballard offered to leave hers with the concierge.  I’ll pick it up tomorrow and put my desk together.

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