Catherine and I made this AmericanPod pocast back at Praxis for training purposes; we were supposed to give a session on effective hosting.  So we ended up making this parody of the 101 podcasts.  As you will hear, we had a low opinion of them:  poor audio quality, gross sound design, terrible explanations, forgettable dialogs, bad acting…

The lip-smacking, on the other hand, was a parody of E (not FrenchPod E, a different E), who lip-smacked constantly… but didn’t know it  because she refused to edit her own audio… so she never heard how irritating she was.

Some funny things:  we got great raw audio from the studio, but I had to explain to Lisa the sound engineer that we wanted to sound bad… she had a hard time believing that we wanted it to sound amateurish, and she actually had a hard time doing it.  You can hear that some of the audio is good;  the “Awesome belgian translation” for example, was just the FrenchPod transitions… I didn’t care that much to record new ones.  You can hear that Amaury sounds deep crystal clear… and then quality goes back to being crappy.

That said, the audio quality of this was still better than ANY SpanishPod101 podcast in their archive!

When we distributed the audio, people LOVED it, KC said it was so bad, he found it entertaining.  None of the non-native speakers of English could understand the “Let’s get a hamburger” line.

My favorite part are the rough edits, and the fact that we didn’t explain ANYTHING about the dialog, which was brilliantly contrived poorly-written, if I do say so myself.

Catherine started cracking up during my hamburger ad lib–I had to edit that out–and I almost lost it when she said she ate the ketchup separately.  We tried our best to get that awful, awkward scripted sound that the 101s have, but alas, I think we are too talented.

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