Recipe! Hummus

I made hummus tonight, and I got the formula exactly right; and when you get it exactly right, it tastes rich and expensive, as if it was made of some angel duck’s liver.

Start with a can of chickpeas; open it up and drain the liquid into a glass.

Drop a peeled, crushed garlic clove (I used a big one), a gloop of expensive olive oil, a pinch or two of course salt, the juice of half a lemon, the zest from that half lemon, and a big spoonful of tahini.  Give that a buzz with the stick blender, along with a gloop and a half of the chickpea liquid.

Once the garlic is liquefied, I put in half the chickpeas, and buzz those smooth.  Then I put in the rest of the chickpeas and give them a light buzz, and quit while it’s still a little chunky.

I have some raw chickpeas that I’ll start cooking to save money… they’re cheaper than the cans.  When I make those into hummus, I’ll crush them in a big bowl with a masher, instead of buzzing them with the stick blender.  I think crushed chickpeas taste better than mechanically processed, and I’ll do that when I have the time.


I would be remiss to not mention in today’s entry that Osama Bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALs last night.  It was a surprise to see, and what I felt wasn’t joy or vindication.  To say I felt “relief” even might be overstating it; it felt like the end of an era.  Yones and I saw the news on a muted tv screen in the corner of the HiLife, where we were drinking beer and eating the fried chicken special.  There was banjo music playing.

I saw the people celebrating on DC and Lower Manhattan, and I wanted to remind my friends overseas who were processing the images over facebook that the victory celebrations we all saw on tv was not really the prevailing sentiment where I was; instead it looked to me like some young folks–20 somethings–living in two cities that had been directly attacked by Al Qaeda.  I, for example, had no desire to go out and celebrate with them, but seeing them did make me miss Downtown Manhattan, and wish I was still there; just to feel connected again.  Seattle by comparison is boring.

There’s been a lot of real time processing on facebook, a lot of people disparaging people for celebrating bin Laden’s death, other people throwing around words like “justice” and “victory.”  And then there’s the huge desire to know all the facts of the commando raid, and then there’s all the crazy shit that what kind of treatment, death, and burial, bin Laden deserved.

This story is far from over.  And I know my friends in New York are still asking, “what about WTC 5?”


You know what sucks?  When you bother to care about someone, and then you find out exactly how low on their priority list you rank.  I’ve been quite surprised to see who of my far away friends have made the effort to stay in touch, and who has decided to become out-of-sight, out-of-mind.  There are people I got super close to, who now I can barely remember why I cared about them.  I understand that’s the way of the world, but if it was up to me, I’d just prefer not to lose touch… it doesn’t take much.

Some happy news:  I’ve been invited to a wedding in Spain at the end of August.

One thought on “Recipe! Hummus

  1. First I am trying your hummus recipe.

    Second, it was hard not to “feel something” about the mommentous event of the death of bin Laden. Should we celebrate the death of anyone? Probably not. People sould aspire to a higher plain where life is valued above deeds good or bad. But it is human nature to exalt good deeds as much as feel revenge for bad deeds. I celebrate that he is gone because he has caused death and destruction of thousands of people. He doesn’t get a pass from me on that. I guess at the very least, i am human.


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