Notes on a Cheesy Friday

It was 70 degrees today in Seattle (21 degrees Celsius, for my non-American readers), for the first time in 2011.

It was bike-to-work/school day today; about four dozen people biked, and the garage seemed devoid of cars when I showed up for work today.

I didn’t bring my lunch to work, but when I got back to the language office, la J was brining in the leftovers from the French class’ cheese tasting activity… I think I ate my own weight in French class cheese tasting cheese.  The thing about French class cheese tasting is that kids don’t like strong cheese.  Sukkaz.  So there was plenty of Roquefort… real Roquefort…, Délice de Bourgogne, Gruyère de Comté…. After all that cheese I wandered down to the cafeteria for some salad or something to (ahem) keep things moving (ahem) but they were sold out.  So instead I went back up to the office and ate some more cheese.

I helped some students with Spanish after school and scrubbed out the coffee press.  J breezed in and told me to take the rest of the cheese home… so I did.  And ate a bunch more for snack.

I was offered some ballet tickets; I turned them down.

There’s not a lot of fun in my budget this weekend, and I’ve got final exams to write.

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