Mixing Crews

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In Shanghai I was quite deliberate about not “mixing crews,”  i.e., keeping my real friends physically separate from my co-workers.  The same sort of separation happened in New York, although it was not at all deliberate.

Well, yesterday Aussie D blew into town, and the ‘no mixing crews’ tendency went out the window.  I sent email invites to all the party people… I wanted everyone to meet Aussie D because a) he’s a cool guy, and b) because he knew me during the non-boring time in my life, those first six months of 2009.

We met up at Georgetown Liquor Company, which I picked because it feels ‘real,’ and it’s easy to find.  And because there’s parking.  Later we got a hot pot at 老四川 .  Yones met us at Kerry Park, and from there we went to The Gate for karaoke.

It was a weird night at the Gate… first of all, the place was packed, and there were people there of all ages, all singing ballads.  We celebrated Cocktail Frank’s birthday, and he introduced us to his son, who doesn’t look Chinese at all.  Aussie D was incredulous, but why would Frank lie?  When we walked in, there were three of us but only two stools; Frank was worried about one of us having to stand.  But then he started singing 起来!起来!from the PRC national anthem, and that became a recurring theme throughout the night.

Also appearing last night were M and the lovely Senyo.

As for the matter of Aussie D singing… I put his name on a slip and left it on the table, just to clown him.  D wrote “God Save the Queen” on the slip, I think to clown as well, as he didn’t seem to want to sing it.  Later, on my way up to the mic, Yones handed me a stack of slips, and I turned them in.  We later realized that Aussie Dave’s slip was in that pile, so you see it’s nobody’s fault.

He tried to evade the song, but then in the end sang it like a champ.  Later, bitten with the karaoke bug, Aussie D challenged the rest of us to another round of songs.  So later he found himself singing Born in the USA.  Like a champ.

Also heard:  Yones singing “Footloose;” Senyo singing “Ciega Sordomuda.”  Me, I did “Do Me” and “1999” by mistake; Yones actually had me in for “Alphabet Street.”

Later there was Dick’s, and then rides home.  Aussie D stayed in Studio Siesta.

I got up early this morning to buy coffee and pastries at Columbia City Bakery; very civilized quiet morning.  I took Aussie D on an obligatory walk through Pike Place Market, and we ended up at Cutters for bloody marys and some crab dip.

I was a little annoyed when D left, because, sure, I like spending time with D, but also because I have a stack of finals to grade post-D.  I took H to the airport for her San Diego adventure (she managed to miss D completely) and then I stopped for tacos at the bus.

Now what… grading finals?  Hmm, maybe after a nap.

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