30 Second Cheese Omelet

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This was a 30-second cheese omelet (Tillamook special reserve extra sharp cheddar), SpanishPod rice, and a little salad made out of matchstick broccoli.

I mentioned to my good friend Aussie Mateo (aka @chabuduo) that I’d be making an omelet for lunch; he requested some food porn.  He’s an avid food pornographer himself; as well as being the original Menu Stealer.  So this slide show is for you, Mateo!

The 30-second omelet is a little more rustic than it’s fussy French cousin.  It’s just a little bit less brown than the Master’s country omelet.  I over-heat a ceramic pan on medium high with a good gloop of oil.  Beat some eggs, grate some cheese… by now your pan is over-heated, so turn it down to low and drop in your eggs.  You’ll get an instant-set, so gather the set curd in the center of the pan with your fork and tilt the pan around to keep redistributing the liquid.  When the pan is filled with set curd (but you still have some liquid on top of it) cut the heat, dump in the cheese, and turn it onto a plate, folding as you go.  Let it sit for a minute, and then it’s ready to eat.


Chatting with Aussie Mateo had me thinking about the old days.  I was looking at some stuff, and just now realized that I was in this video (below).  I’m right around the 0:57 mark, you’ll see me in my bull costume; there’s a vaquero sitting behind me.

And just in case you missed the Menu Stealer above, I’m posting it here, as I just realized I can now post Vimeo vids!  Look out, world!

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