Flaky Dimsum FAIL

I am a giant flake.

La J and I have been trying for months now to go to dimsum some weekend, and this was finally the weekend.  We agreed to meet at my place at 11am today, Sunday.

At 12:55 I looked at my phone and saw that I had a bunch of messages.  Oh no, my ringer had been off!  They were in Columbia City trying to find me!  I called to apologize, and la J said they found my townhouse and knocked on the door!

But I never left my house this morning?  Maybe I was in the shower.  Grrr.  They went to the Tamarind Tree without me.  Fail.  Next time I won’t forget. And I’ll keep my ringer on.  Next time I’m treating.

After that disappointing, flaky fail on my part, I went and recorded a video for the Worldwide Accent Project.

Now I’m hungry for Chinese food.

BTW, Aussie D didn’t know the american verb “to flake.”  And I didn’t know the aussie phrase “to be on the tune.”  I couldn’t even make out what he was saying; I thought he might be saying “on the 群.”

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