I’m on break.

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School’s out, won’t start again for months.  Bills are paid, and there’s some money in the bank.  I’m looking at consulting jobs and travel itineraries.

Today at the banquet there was salmon… along with baked beans and potato salad.  Weird.  So on the way home I bought myself a filet of Copper River sockeye and baked it on 350 for 11 minutes.  Olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, tajin, garlic sliced on the mandolin.  Also ate:  totopos with guacamole, Penn Cove oysters (briny!).

I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.  I don’t have to, but I will.  Then what? Who knows, I’m on break.

One thought on “I’m on break.

  1. Dear if you are on vacation or so, why not to travel somewhere, let’s meet in Buenos Aires, I’m heading for BAs in two weeks.
    Best wishes


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