Invinciblity Star

I feel like I got an invincibility star today.

First, I cut open a jumbo avocado this morning for breakfast, and it was perfect; a perfect avocado.  That in itself makes today a red-letter day.

I clicked on the Blue Scholar’s new video, and saw that it was all about me.  Seriously, even to the point of crushing pepper corns.  I reposted it, and Prometheus Brown himself “liked” it.  I’m sure he considers it a brush with stardom.

What else happened… I made it to the gym.  Huge accomplishment.

I washed the dishes in the sink.  Oh yes.

The landscapers came and ripped out all my weeds and trimmed the few surviving good plants.

I pet a happy dog.

My sister brought home oysters.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I won free tacos for life at Coa | Mexican Eatery &  Tequilería.  For what?  For liking them on Facebook.  They took a video of the announcement on Friday, but I didn’t find out today until they tweeted it to me.

So you can see why I feel like I’m having an Invincibility Star day.  The best part?  It’s not even 6:15 pm.  Watch me go.

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