Whoah, that’s my life.

So the Blue Scholars have been stalking me.  I think they implanted a chip in my head.

This video called Fou Lee is all about grocery shopping on Beacon Hill and MLK.  There’s SPAM 3-pack, chunky peanut butter, saba for 69 cents a pound, little cans of mackerel packed in tomato sauce, disappointment in light rail, balut, chicken adobo recipe (mine’s better), cowsin Ian

And then the philosophy: ” Be original.  It’s unconditional.”

Seriously, that’s my world.  It’s eerily specific to me.  Forget my students and colleagues; some of these references would be lost on some of my neighbors.  A few years ago they were rapping about getting marked to target a market they’re not even a part of; now they’re rapping about my grocery list.  There’s even a street chicken up in there!

Oh, it’s devastatingly cool to be me right now.

One note for @prometheusbrown, you all better buy some green vegetables.  Vegetables are a gift you give to your colon.

One thought on “Whoah, that’s my life.

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