New Podcast: Acentos

So I built a podcast studio in my guest room.

As promised, the first podcast from Studio Siesta is called Acentos.  It’s going to be an intermittent series of interviews of family and friends, just telling stories and entertaining ourselves.  Mainly I want to remember how people sound.  I’m an auditory person that way.

The first episode, Acentos 0001, is recorded entirely in Spanish; my sister Heather is the guest.  She is about to take a big trip to Central America for the summer, and she wanted to do before-and-after recordings to hear how her Spanish improves.  In this first episode, she talks about her upcoming trip.  Also, we do a couple of picklebacks to christen the studio and the series.  It’s been a good long while since Heather got back from Salamanca, speaking Spanish full time… so her Spanish might sound a little rusty in this episode.  We’ll see how she sounds once she gets back from Costa Rica.

The second episode, Acentos 0002, is recorded in English.  Heather is back as my guest, and in this one we’re playing Two Truths And A Lie.  See if you can guess which stories are lies!

The next episode?  Not sure yet.  I’ll let you know.  Remind me to get some art for these posts, and to take a picture with my guests in the future.

Special thanks go to my friend Tito at, who graciously provided the theme and background music that covers our hisses and pops!  Tito is based in Lima, Peru; I worked with him closely when I was in New York City.

1 thought on “New Podcast: Acentos

  1. Thanks for Acentos!

    JP, you will always be my Spanish teacher so it’s good to stay in touch with you. I have all your Elementary level lessons on CD..

    Por favor: Tal vez por fin sabremos qué pasó con ese sándwich.


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