Happy Hour is Now

Edgar at COA | mexican eatery & tequilería asked me to write a short story for winning the “free tacos for life” twitter promotion they held.  Here’s what I came up with:

A year ago, I was living in downtown Manhattan.  I was so starved for tacos that I my friend Carmen sent me a bag of maseca in a care package from Seattle (I didn’t know where to buy it in Manhattan).  In spring when the street glaciers melted, I found a taco truck on West 14th Street, next to the entrance to the A/C/E subway station.  I had a hard time convincing them I wanted my taco to be Mexican-style… “Le encargo tres tacos de carnitas… y lechuga no quiero, ¿sale?”  Who ever heard of lettuce on tacos de carnitas?  Tostadas, maybe, but that’s an other story.

Now I’m back in Seattle, and I won free tacos for life at COA | mexican eatery and tequilería in a twitter promotion they had for their grand opening.  You should see when I break the news to people; they gasp and look at me with stars in their eyes.  Craig the history teacher is suddenly my new best friend; I haven’t told him yet that my tacos-for-life powers might not apply to my drinking buddies.  Maybe I’ll order an extra one and pass it to him when nobody’s looking.  No se lo digas nada a Edgar.

Free tacos for life means it’s happy hour whenever I walk in!  Bring me five tacos (one for Craig) and a micheldada, por favor!

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