Acentos 0004: Stories from Santo Tomás

In this episode, my mama joins me in Studio Siesta to tell some childhood stories about growing up in her colorful hometown of Santo Tomás, La Unión.  She tells stories about getting sent to the store (for bagoong, among other things), pooping goats, and three stories about my Uncle Johnny when they were cute little Pangasinan-speaking kids.  You’ll hear about the corn, the dime, and the guavas.

Click here to listen!

Thanks as always to my friend Tito from for graciously providing the theme and background music!

(Somewhere around here there’s a family portrait of my mama, less than four years old, holding a puppy, and my Uncle Johnny in a cowboy costume… I can’t find it.  I blame my sister…)

UPDATE:  Found the picture!  Left to right:  Uncle Johnny (cowboy costume), Auntie Minda, Tatang Ismaël, my mama (center), Nanang Paula, Auntie Josefina, Auntie Rosaling (with the puppy).

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