Go on, Stella.

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So my sister is in Costa Rica getting her groove back.

She moved into my spare room during my spring break, and quickly realized she was now free to go on adventures that had seemed impossible before.  So the other day my mama and I took her too the airport and saw her off.  (My parents are visiting for a few weeks from Vegas).  As mama and I drove back from the airport, people’s 4th of July fireworks were exploding around us… celebrations of Independence Day.

Her travel journal is here, check regularly for updates.

I’d like to go visit her in Costa Rica, so I’m saving my money.  In the mean time, I’m on summer break.  My life now is all gym, media production, and the occasional karaoke emergency.  My friends and I tried Hula Hula the other day.  It was fun, but it was no Gate.

What else is there to report?  I’ve become pretty good at omelets.  Been spending some quality time with my young niece and nephews.  Postponing a haircut.  Entering contests.  Pranking my sister’s room.

I suppose I could stand to work on my Mandarin.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.

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