Blessings and Curses.

After two weeks in my guest room, my parents (and their two dogs) left this morning.  My recording studio and dining room are now back to normal… and the carpets shampooed!… but I’m still working on the living room and the upstairs bathroom.  And when I say “working,” what I really mean is “putting it off.”

I was glad to have my folks here; it was especially fun when all of us were here (my sister left a week ago to get her groove back). And now I find myself alone in my townhouse.  It’s quiet in here.

There were several blessings of my parents’ visit:

  • My fridge is now cleaned, organized, and stocked with cut fruits and vegetables, which are stored in matching containers and labeled with names and dates.
  • My newest toy is a carpet shampooer.  Do you own a carpet shampooer? It’s a great way to get reacquainted with friends and relatives, because several people have already asked to borrow it.
  • My parents left towels, pillows, and a queen-size super-tall kick-ass inflatable guest bed; crashing at my place will feel a little less like camping!
  • A new rotating vertical fan, complete with ionizing air cleaner and remote control, too keep the natives cool in the sweltering Seattle summers.
  • Another metal canteen for cold water; I must admit I have a crush on metal canteens.
  • A Magic Mic.  Yes, I got my inheritance early.  (They’ll want it back.)
Of course, they could not take everything with them… here are the things I was “cursed” with; gifts that are either already in the garbage or are on their way there:
  • Little hotel soaps and lotions.  I live in a house; it’s unseemly to stock it with hotel supplies.
  • 12 oz. plastic water bottles.  My dad collects them and then leaves them places; I find them and throw them the hell out.  It’s a game we play.
  • 12 oz. bag of Seattle’s Best Coffee, with an expiration date of 16June2012. Get that shit out of my house!
  • Two-tone dog tennis ball. Bon appetit!

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