Acentos 0005: Danny has Principles

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I’ve been going to the Mandarin Gate for karaoke with my friends for over a decade now.  I’m not sure who, why, or how we discovered it, but I’m glad we did.

Recently I asked Danny the Karaoke Host to come to Studio Siesta for an interview and to my surprise, he was happy to.  I thought he’d share some funny karaoke stories.

Here’s the thing; Danny is a great karaoke host.  He intros your song, he announces who’s on deck, he’ll jump in on auxiliary vocals and harmonies, he calls for another round of applause when you’re done.  He doesn’t sing while he’s hosting; he keeps the rotation fast and fair, and he has a reputation for not accepting bribes for rotation jumps.

In fact, here’s what the Jeff Roman of the Seattle Weekly has to say about Danny…

Danny, the karaoke host, is as efficient as they come; and on top of that, he’s a saint. As the night went on, I tested him in ways that would normally upset & frustrate a KJ to the point of getting immediately axed from the rotation. I jumped in on a duet that I didn’t sign up for; I asked how long until I was up next; and twice I asked him to change out my selection for one I liked better–and he did it without giving me the slightest bit of attitude. Most importantly, he kept the singers and songs moving along. All told, I got up four times, and it took me less than an hour to get up between each performance.

Danny’s good.

I asked him to come and do the interview about karaoke stories, and he says, sure, I’ll do that.  When he showed up, he had a lot on his mind, and the interview went in a direction I didn’t expect.  Sure there are a couple karaoke stories, and that was cool.  But what Danny brought to the interview was an intentionality I wasn’t expecting; there’s a very concrete set of principles that informs the way Danny hosts karaoke.  He’s kind of a karaoke samurai.

Hope you all enjoy the interview:  

Thanks as always to Tito of, who so graciously provides the production music for this podcast.

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