I saw this sign today on Capitol Hill:

This is just a screenshot from Google maps.  The property is on kind of a traffic triangle, so there are three such signs, all with the same bad Italian.  They’re obviously trying to say “Cuore dell’amante”  heart of the lover which is…. ok, it’s a weird name for a restaurant to begin with, but whatever.  Couldn’t they ask an Italian friend how to spell “cuore?”  Or couldn’t they have looked at it, at least, on to see how it was spelled, before they made three signs with the same mistake?  Or at least google it, right?

Well, the physical signs are expensive, and thank goodness they were able to change the image on their website.

But would it have killed them to put an apostrophe on “dell'” so that it would actually be… correct?  What do two spelling mistakes in the trademarked image of a business say about its credibility?

Maybe the image they’re trying to portray is one of sloppiness or semi-literacy.

In any case, the reviews are mixed.


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