People are nice.

I stopped at a bar today to give a CD to a friend of mine.

I ended up talking about New York City with the waitress, who was eating a big plate of steamed zucchini.  I mentioned that Seattle has way better Vietnamese food (point for Seattle) but New York was more fun:  bartenders pour you free drinks in New York (point for NYC).  At that point, the bartender, who was listening to our conversation, poured me a free drink!  In Seattle!

I looked at the waitress and said, seriously, did you eat ALL that zucchini?  Oh, she said, no, not at all, and pulled the plate of zucchini out from behind the table tent, where it was hiding.  Do you want some?

Oh my goodness, I was given a free drink and offered steamed zucchini!  I declined the zucchini, but I thanked her for the kind offer.

Later I was talking to the karaoke host about how I’m spending my summer, and he says, I want to connect you with a friend of mine, he built a bunch of websites, they got huge, and the sold them, and retired at age 29.  Then my friend whipped out his phone, called the dude, and told him he was connecting me.

I’m not sure why people are being so nice to me lately, but I sure enjoy it.  I’ll have a lot of people to thank when I become a rich and famous whatever I become.

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