Three Wrongs and some Fun Furniture.

It’s 78°F | 26°C in Seattle today, practically a heatwave.

I spent the afternoon on the Eastside at the Bellevue Festival of Arts.  One of my friends was there showing her Chromatic Gestures; I of course  crawled all over them and drew a crowd.  At one point there were nine kids kicking off their shoes and playing with the three pieces she had available for test drives.  The act of re-configuring the pieces was more fun and interesting than I think anyone realized.

My favorite position was “deck chair.”

Her booth was set up in the Bell Square parking garage, which I thought was pretty wild.  It was cooler in there, and there was plenty of light and space, but I was kind of surprised that the Eastsiders gave up parking spaces for any reason.  I parked in the Lincoln Square garage.  There were tons of people on the street in Bellevue, which made me wonder why they didn’t do events in the street all the time.  I was annoyed, however by all the people in the streets walking in front of me who would suddenly stop to think.  People just stop, and it makes me want to push them down.  I know that’s wrong.

On the way back to my car I stopped at the lonely Skillet booth and ordered “the Burger” for $10, which was what seemed like over a half pound of grass-fed beef, bacon jam, cambozola, and arugula.

This tastes like a $30 burger.  As I walked through Bell Square on the way to my car, I wanted to slap people for eating at McDonalds and Red Robin.  Slap them in their faces.  In a mean way.  I know that’s wrong.

On the way home I laid on the horn at a minivan with an Oregon plate.  My pet peeve is people who slow down to two miles an hour to make a right turn.  I can see from where I am that there is no one in front of them, so ostensibly they’re just slowing down because they are unsure.  I wish they would just make their turn quickly and then stop an be unsure outside of the lane of traffic!  I honked at them as meanly as I could.  I know it’s wrong.




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