27 Photos. Any Questions?

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I have been thinking about getting a new phone… one that actually rings.  I’ve been lugging around this old-ass 1st generation iPhone for years now (the Praxis bosses bought us all phones so we could come up with ideas for apps… after a month they asked, what are your app ideas? and we were like, what’s an app?)

Anyway I was backing up the photos and realized some of them have never seen the light of day.  There’s a story behind all of them; not necessarily a good story, but a story nonetheless.  If you’d like to hear the story of a particular photo, just let me know, I’ll be glad to tell you.  Or if you want to tell me the story of a photo, or make one up, that’s fine too; just use the comments section.

Also, I was at the Fremont Sunday Market and I bought some postcards from Erynn Rose Photography.  They are cool, tilt-shift images of Seattle.  Email me your mailing address if you’d like me to send you a postcard.

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