Kicking myself

I forgot to bring my camera along with me today, and I’m kicking myself.

I met D at Freighthouse Square in Tacoma.  I didn’t know about that place; it’s a food court and craft market reminiscent of Pike Place Market, down to the neon signs.  No produce or flowers, though.  Anyway it was pretty cool, and I got some decent lamb kababs.

D and I caught up for a little at the table.  He lives on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, so he has more fish than he knows what to do with.  We shared some fish stories… his were better than mine.  Afterwards we walked out to his car; he’s driving a classic restored car from the 50s, and I was kicking myself that I didn’t have a camera.  In any case, he reached into his cooler and pulls out some beautifully filleted salmon, as long as my arm, a little jar of salmon, and a little tupperware of salmon ceviche.  Of course, I was jumping out of my shoes, but D was happy to give it away, I think it’s a relief for him.

I explained to his friends that when I was living in Manhattan, D was nice enough to send me some salmon that he had canned; S and I ate some on crackers in her apartment on Bleaker and we blissed out.  I also told them how I kind of talked D into going to our ten year reunion last year, but at the event I saw him for about 10 seconds and then lost track of him.

On my way back to Seattle I stopped at Caz‘s shop to give up one of the fillets.  I hadn’t seen that guy since the reunion either.  Camera?  Kicking myself.

Besides old friends, it’s a beautiful day today; 77°F | 24°C and sunny at the moment.

Some more notes:

  • I had dinner with N at the Green Leaf; it was wonderful.
  • I have plans with M tomorrow, we might go to Little Sheep in Bellevue, which is a chain we used to go to for lunch in Shanghai, back in my old neighborhood.  It was so spicy that Esti felt hot and dizzy; she went outside–in the dead of winter–and sat on the stoop.  And refused to go there again.  It’s funny because the chain has just moved in, and they’re frustrated that a copycat has been operating in Bellevue under their name for years.  Sucks, don’t it!
  • My cable is a mess.  It was wired in 1999, so they just daisy-chained it to four rooms.  The result was I’d lose internet a couple of times a day due to low signal.  The cable guy came in yesterday and cut cable to two rooms without tvs and urged me to move my modem and router to the first like of the daisy chain, which is my bedroom.  Boo, now there’s blinky lights in my room when I sleep.  I’ll get it fixed some other time.
  • I have been in negotiations for a few weeks now for a podcast deal.  Details will wait until all the work is done, but I am very excited and grateful that it’s going down, and all above board.  This morning I received an advance payment for the series, so it’s really happening.  It’s really happening!
  • I got the white envelope in the mail today, the one that where the principal says enjoy the rest of your break, here are the new people, here is your class schedule.  Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Kicking myself

  1. I used to go to Freight house Square in the summers when I was a kid. The food court was much livelier then, or at least it seemed that way to me. I remember being so excited to go…think maybe there was an old-fashioned candy store.


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