Acentos 0006: Hit Him!

My friend Jordan stopped by the studio today to do an interview about his life in martial arts. After 18 years of training, he’s decided it’s time for him to pass on his knowledge and become a teacher here in Seattle.

Click here to listen:

In this podcast, Jordan tells stories about learning control, discovering humility, and the pride a teacher feels when a student surpasses you.

Thanks as always to my friend Tito Huapaya of Lima, Perú; who graciously provides the production music in this podcast. Please check him out at for your own production music needs!

UPDATE:  Jordan wrote a guest post over at Dance World Takeover that uses his martial arts expertise to explain a new past time of his:  swingdancing.

7 thoughts on “Acentos 0006: Hit Him!

  1. I had the pleasure of listening to your interview with Jordan and as his teacher, he has once again surpassed by expectation as a student and a person. The Seattle area is lucky to have someone of his caliber in the area to teach martial arts. I hope people take advantage of him.

    I guess I have to train harder to beat his record of 8 cinder caps.

    Jordan is not only an outstanding martial artist but a great human being. Children will be taught the true value of martial arts, self respect, and self achievment. In todays world there is nothing like self worth. If you respect yourself, you will respect others.

    “physical strength is not based on physical capacity, but on an indomitable will”

    When Jordan was a student of mine I taught him this,,and I know he will pass it on to his students. Training is not easy, if it was everyone would do it.

    Good Luck Seattle

    Master Galli


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