Recipe: French Toast, my deeply held belief.

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I have a deeply held belief that french toast should be an instant breakfast custard, and not that tepid egg pad that some people make, as charming as a sheet of plywood.

I make mine with crusty bread from the bakery.  I have a hard time eating a whole loaf myself while it’s still fresh, so the stale leftovers either become french toast or bread crumbs.

The trick to slicing the bread is to make it thick enough so you get a nice, tall, custardy interior, but not so thick that the egg won’t soak through.  So actually a spongier bread–either a fresher loaf or a softer bread, like challah–can be sliced pretty thick.  If your bread is more on the hard-as-rock side, you may consider slicing it a little thinner and soaking it longer.

My batter is two eggs, a good couple glops of cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a sweetener.  Non-diabetics, feel free to use sugar.

Soak the bread in the batter until it’s soft and soaked all the way through, then gently fry the bread in some butter.  Any left over batter I pour back into the bread once it’s in the pan, filling all the air pockets.

Cook it right, and the insides will set like a custard.  Serve with bacon and black coffee, and for a little while let yourself forget those crushing feelings of failure and  inadequacy.

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