A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today has been pretty charming, I must say.

I saw some folks on Facebook talking about tapsilog, so I decided to make my own sinangag and post about it.   Then I got a shoutout from my former intern and all around nice kid Julio/Jeff.  Shoutouts from far-flung friends make me happy.

Then I got a call from Auntie R; she wanted to me to meet her and her friend R for dimsum at New Hong Kong.  They ordered a lot, and I got to practice my Chinese, and learned the word 蒸排骨 zhēng páigǔ; those are the steamed spareribs.  One new thing I saw there a cold chicken salad with blanched vegetables.  We also got some confetti-fried shrimp balls 炸虾球, which I never get but I really liked this time.

I came home after that, and then decided to go to the Storm game on foot.  Yones had an extra ticket!  So I took Link to Westlake Station and then the Seattle Center Monorail.

You know Link is great.  But the Monorail is awesome; wide cars, wrap around windows, riding in the sky… I’ve ridden a lot of transit in my lifetime, and I have to say that the best part of any train ride is when it’s elevated.

I know Link is elevated a little bit before and after Beacon Hill station, and that’s when it’s the coolest.  For some reason the interior of Link reminds me of an ER waiting room; a little clinical.  I hope some day it transforms MLK into the ‘cool part’ of town; I was just thinking how we could use a bar in this neighborhood.  Also, the space under the elevated station at Mt. Baker is perfect for a cool, Asian-style night market.

Anyway, Yones and I met at the Sitting Room in Lower Queen Anne, which is a pretty ok place.  We walked over to the Key and watched the Storm put on a clinic against the Tulsa Shock.

I wasn’t feeling great after the game, so I found my way back home.  Back on the Link, I saw the Fare Enforcement Officers for the first time; they were tall white dudes with military haircuts, tight uniforms, and bullet-proof vests.  Their demeanor was dead-serious, and they caught a couple of kids on my train without passes.  We pulled into Sodo station and the FEOs escorted the kids off the train, and were radioing-in their IDs as my train pulled away.

I wondered if the FEOs worked for the county sheriff (apparently they do).  These guys were totally professional and cool; but I wondered if it was a conscious choice to go for the law-enforcement/bullet-proof vest look, rather than, say, the European rail conductor/civil servant look.  I’m sure it was.

It also occurred to me that this town has the SPD, the UW police, the Sheriff, the Transit cops and FEOs, and the State Patrol.  Back in Rome we used to laugh at the Italians and all their crazy layers of police, but we seem to have the same.

In any case, it’s been a beautiful Thursday.  Tomorrow is Friday, and I have nothing planned.  I think it will be my last day of nothing planned for the summer of 2011.  I’ll try to make the most of it.

UPDATE:  I totally forgot to mention that Vicci Martínez played at the Storm game during halftime!  

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