Lifeskill: How to Avoid Wasabi Lumps

Years ago… oh it’s ancient history now… we used to argue about the value of diversity.  A lot of people saw it as a social justice issue; a matter of equality.  Or a matter of historical justice.

That’s great.

But I was always the one pointing out that different cultures have different perspectives, different knowledge sets.  That means we approach challenges differently.

So it follows that a culturally diverse team has a problem solving advantage over a heterogeneous team. And a culturally diverse classroom has an academic advantage over a heterogeneous one.

And a culturally diverse social group… has a gastronomical advantage of the heterogeneous one.  Where would we be without the Palestinian family that makes kick ass bakava, the Korean neighbors who send you home with kimchi from their private stash.  The Chinese friend that orders off the secret menu and gets you the best stuff; the Salvadoran friend who knows the tamal lady personally; the Mexican friend who can always eat.  We know things.

Me, I seem to be the pinoy that will come to your place and make adobo, as I’ve grown past the lumpia-making phase of my life.

Anyway, before I get too impressed with myself, here’s a video with some cultural knowledge that some of you can stand to assimilate: how to avoid wasabi lumps.  It’s knowledge that I myself acquired from some Japanese-Hawaiian friends in college.

Now it is inevitable that I will receive comments about this video; shrill protests about how adding wasabi to your shoyu is an atrocity against nature and a grave personal insult to the itame, and against the IMMUTABLE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE and punishable by death.

What can I say, some people like rules a lot.

For those of you with the gall to dare to choose more wasabi, this video will show you how to avoid lumps.  If, after watching this video, however, you decide that you like it lumpy, then please by all means enjoy it lumpy.  My aim is not to ban all wasabi lumps from existence, but rather to offer an alternative to those who don’t enjoy them.

6 thoughts on “Lifeskill: How to Avoid Wasabi Lumps

  1. OMG! … I JUST had amazing sushi the other day with a friend of mine. He HATES wasabi and I love it. Of course I mixed it up wrong (because I was then ignorant), and he did nothing but laugh at me when I went into my facial contortions from “lump” effects. NOW I can eat sushi with pride! Not to say I won’t mix it up into an intense “batter” and continue to make the facial contortions. That’s just how I “roll”. (no pun intended)
    Thanks JP ;D


  2. For anyone still following, and looking for abominations: I recommend white wine dijon mustard as a beautiful fusion substitute for the normally-served horseradish mixed with blue and yellow food coloring.


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