GoogleTranslate for homework? Fail.

I tried to tell my students that Google Translate gives them bad translations; they don’t believe me.  One kid argued with me.  I think they think I’m trying to trick them.

I’m not going to tolerate machine translations in homework this year, like I did last year.  I’m done with the benefit of the doubt.

I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with these people.  It’s so much easier to cooperate and just learn language, but so few people (at all levels) choose to do it.  It’s much harder, and much more stressful to operate under standard procedure, which is to zone out in class, don’t take notes, never practice, complete homework to finish (rather than learn), block out the target language by speaking English, and then cramming for quizzes and tests.

You’d think they’d want to become Spanish speakers… I mean, this is their chance…

Another video after this; then three syllabuses, five class websites.  Guh.

One more thing; turning in gTranslated homework is as dumb as naming your restaurant Translation Server Error.

4 thoughts on “GoogleTranslate for homework? Fail.

  1. JP, I reckon it might be time for a second paddle in the repertoire. “Google Translator?” -> “Denied”.

    I once had an executive of a company come to me and ask if they could save resources (i.e. money) by using Google Translate to translate an entire technical manual (think 100+ pages of technical product-related information). I advised strongly against it. Very strongly. While I laughed in the background of that call. They obviously hadn’t tested it 😉

    (By the way, I’m not meaning to put a downer on online translation tools. They’re awesome, and I use them all the time for individual words. But for any ‘real’ conversation, homework or material, no way josè.)


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