There goes the summer.

Just a few notes before bed:

  • School starts later this week, so I’m already slammed getting my classroom and documents together.  That was a nice summer.  The first rain of the fall was yesterday.  I would like a hug.
  • Tristan posted that I’m one of the people he admires, which is an awesome email to click on in the morning.  I think he might have a higher opinion of my language abilities than I do, but I sure do enjoy the love.
  • I made a comment over on Dialect Blog about the perceived umbrella ban in Seattle; a lot of people make bold claims about how real Seattlites don’t use umbrellas, as if there was a stigma attached.  I was trying to make the point that in walkable parts of town, Seattlites do actually use umbrellas.  Most people here lead car-bound lifestyles which largely keeps them out of the rain, so umbrellas are more trouble than they’re worth.  SO THEN this dude from Portland starts coming after me in the comments about how Portland is…  I guess I’m just always surprised that Portlanders think that we think about them; we, on the other hand, are constantly on their minds, as they always seem to be bringing up comparisons… although I have gut feeling it’s the Portland transplants that are doing that.  Anyway, who cares?
  • My friend M wanted me to blog about how the green dry erase markers are smelly.
  • The art teacher made me some square white patches with red bars, that signify leadership in mainland Chinese elementary schools; one red bar for line leaders; two bars for the class captain; three bars for leaders that serve the whole school.  Teaching Mandarin is going to be hilarious.
  • In the mail today I got a postcard from C & family in Hawaii, a DVD from M in Toronto, and my softbox arrived!
  • Tomorrow I have to get up early to buy some doughnuts for a video shoot.  Maybe I should hit the rack now.

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