Ten years later

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Ten years ago today I was living on 10th Street; I heard the news  NPR on my clock radio.  I noticed the delivery was awkward and improvised-sounding; not the smooth delivery I was used to from them.  I found out the rest on the today show.

Just two years ago I had just moved to Battery Park City, four blocks from the World Trade Center site.  I was busy exploring Manhattan, and like other Manhattanites, I was already annoyed with the disaster tourists who paused to reflect when I was trying to get to the damn subway station.

It’s ten years later, and I’m back in Seattle.  All the tv specials that have been revisiting the horrors of the attacks have really turned me off, but I wasn’t averse to watching the tributes to the lives of victims, survivors, and families that have been affected.

After the ceremonies ended this morning NBC showed the USA Ireland match in the World Cup of Rugby.  I don’t know anything about rugby, but after I heard the New Zealand stadium announcer address the crowd as “Lahydies and Gintuhlmin,” I watched for a while, to see if Kiwi Jim was in the crowd.  I haven’t heard from him in months.

There was a moving tribute to the remarkable life of Mark Bingham by the Rugby Union, and a commentator/former player who nearly choked up as he remembered him.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a real post.  I have a mental list of topics that I know are going to make great posts, but now that school has started, my time is just not my own.  All that energy I had around podcasting this summer seems to have faded; New York seems like a long time ago, and Shanghai seems like ancient history.

Life is good.  Stable.  A little boring.


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