Columbia City, baby!

I once told S the dolphin-hater that 98118 was the most diverse zip code in the USA.  “No it’s not,” he said.  “Queens.”

Which of course is bullshit.  Queens has a lot of ethnic enclaves; lots of little areas of separation, not integration.

Columbia City, on the other hand, (census tract 103) has every “racial” group in double digits… people from everywhere all in one place.

It’s easy to forget about how diverse it is here, everybody is chill about it.  In fact I myself didn’t really internalize it until I was showing my French colleague around, and I was telling him the ethnic make-up of this end of the block… those neighbors are African American, white folks, a Cantonese lady, the Mexi-neighbors, the Vietnamese karaoke neighbors, some more white folks, the Japanese lady, I’m Filipino American… my renters were Senegalese (they run a store in downtown Columbia City; in fact, at time index 2:00, he’s the one saying si vous voulez acheter un cadeau…).

Anyway, I was excited to see this story on Evening Magazine about my neighborhood.  It’s kind of wild that they’re charging $150 for a tour of this place… gimme $150 bones, I’ll give you that tour, and a bowl of pho!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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