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Today was my 39th birthday.  Here’s how I spent it…

Rolled out of bed at 6:30am.  My carpool cancelled on me, so I had time to pack my lunch and make breakfast.  Drove into school alone.

I gave quizzes in my class today, and had plenty of time to check my Facebook.  I made it a point to answer all my birthday well-wishers, at least with a “thanks!”

My Chinese class sang 祝你生日快乐 to me after they stood to greet me.  Later LZ poked her head into my classroom and wished me feliz cumpleaños.  I didn’t stay too much longer after school; I decided to leave my quizzes for later and go home.

I tried to take a nap, but there was a media circus surrounding a former student; the plane landed, the ground transport, the press conference, the rehash, the helicopters following her vans home.  Of course, she was never put in the vans, so the media lost her.   It stopped being news after the press conference, but they don’t really know when to stop, do they.  Anyway, I couldn’t nap.

I ended up at the store, buying stuff for lunches for the rest of this week; meatloaf and roasted veggies.  I got the groceries home, but then my sister showed up to take me to dinner.

We went to Little Sheep Hot Pot, which is a big chain in China.  The restaurant was really nice; not as overstaffed or as opulent as the Shanghai branch we used to go to, but much more stylish.  We asked if it was all-you-can-eat Tuesday, but they said that promotion ended in September.  My sister let it slip that it was my birthday.

Once we had finished and paid the bill, they asked us to stay 10 more minutes, because they were making me a cake.

Soon after, this bread in the shape of an onion dome came out.  It was covered in some whipped cream that was melting fast due to the heat of the fresh bread, complete with sprinkles and a candle.  The staff sang happy birthday to me in English.  There were photos.

Biting into the “cake” was a trip.  It was fresh out of the oven, with a sesame seed salty crust.  Inside, there were pieces of green onion.  What a crazy cake!

I’d like to thank everyone who has wished me well today, it’s so nice.  I wish I could have made it to TMI Tuesday at the Bottleneck.  There are plenty of people I wish I could have connected with today; old friends from past good times.  But alas, it’s a rainy Tuesday night, and Facebook has been pissing everyone off lately, so I think I had just the right amount of excitement for a Tuesday night birthday.

According to the internet’s calendars, my 41st birthday will be a Friday night, and my 42nd will be a Saturday night.  I’ll have to go big those years.

One thought on “39

  1. 39. Nice. You’re living your 40th year now, so it’s gonna be good.
    Here’s to a happy, healthy, karaoke-filled year of good food and friends and more youtube postings with staplers. Happy Birthday!!


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