My new gig: Q&A Spanish

I’ve got a new podcast!

It’s called Q&A Spanish; it’s a question and answer show for Spanish language learners.  Those of you who used to listen to the ol’ SpanishPod will recognize the formatand if you used to contribute questions to the old Pa’ que sepas show, I’m counting on you all to send in your questions to Q&A Spanish!

I’m thrilled to be working with Nahyeli, who is hosting the show with me.  I’m also ecstatic to be part of the Radio Lingua Network, which is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary.  Also Mark Pentleton is a good man and a real class act; it is a joy to be working with a professional educator.

Unlike my past couple gigs, I’m teaching full-time while this Q&A Spanish project is going on.  I’m slightly worried about exhausting myself, but if I’m going to make language learning media into a career, I’ve gotta keep publishing, keep creating.

One thing; it’s been a while since I’ve had to really listen to myself in headphones.  I’m amazed by how commercial I sound, and how extremely American my English sounds.  Did I always sound like that?

As always, thanks for listening; please don’t be shy with questions comments… I love to hear from listeners, even if it’s just to say hi.

Listen to all the Q&A Spanish podcasts here.

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One thought on “My new gig: Q&A Spanish

  1. Great news!. I started learning Spanish from Mark”s Coffee Break Spanish and Showtime Spanish. Very good teacher. I stumbled into your blog from SpanishPod.
    Now I will be following your new Q&A Spanish.
    Si Ud. alguna vez viene a Sacramento, invitado ka sa bahay ko (ask your Mom for translation).


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