I could get a tattoo….

I was listening to the local public radio station yesterday, and I caught half a report on people who got tattoos that were related to their professions.

Now before I say anything more, I would consider getting a tattoo, but I would first want to get  a muscle.  Once I have a good looking muscle, I’ll consider decorating it with a tattoo.  But until then, a tattoo is out of the question; no one wants to see ink on a lump of my man fat.  Think of the poor artist that would have to color the quivering mass; it’s just not decent.

But as an exercise, it does seem kind of cool to get a work-related tattoo.  I’ve seen chefs that have kitchen-related tattoos, like knives (Anthony Bourdain found them too; check out time-index 11:38).  My boy Jordan is a graphic novelist with a super cool Captain America tattoo on his forearm.  I’m sure there are more examples, but let’s get back to talking about me.

So what kind of tattoo does an ol’ linguistics major get?

I’ve got my own graphics:  subjunctive in nominal clauses, subjunctive in adverbial clauses, map of the present tense, map of the preterit tense…  Meh, those are all too texty.  I mean, maybe if I get a ripped, muscular back, I’ll consider one of those.  But there’s no charm in any of those.

I was thinking about something in IPA, fun words like “Seattle,” or “Eyjafjallajökull”, or maybe a commonly mispronounced word like [brusˈketːa], or or maybe the IPA chart itself.   Still, these are all kind of yawn.

Then there’s this piece of comedy (right) the Australian diphthong chart.  It never fails to crack me up, and it reminds me of far away friends.  Still, it’s a little esoteric… ok, a lot esoteric.  Also I think it would annoy Kiwi Jack.

What else is there?  X bar movement?  A paradigm of the verb “comer” in the futuro simple?

Or maybe I should get a podcasting tattoo.  I could tattoo an editing screen, with wave forms.

Or maybe the infamous 101 flatlines. (snort)  Nah, no ink for the bad old days.

Sigh, maybe linguistics is not the greatest theme for ink.  Maybe I should tattoo my pork adobo recipe, instead….


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