Wedding Photo Booth

So my boy Shawn of the Bread got married to Marti, and was nice enough to to invite me to the party.

I was all set to go to the UW vs. Oregon game in the morning.  In fact, I had Yones get me a ticket… but then I found out it was a night game.  Guh.

I was bummed to have to miss the game, especially with all the “last game at Husky Stadium” hype, but I couldn’t miss the wedding party.  There will be more football games.

Lunch that day I went with H to the Myung Ga Tofu House down in Federal Way, for a bowl of soon do bu, some mool nang myun, and some bulgogi…. plus panchan into the double digits, including two fried fish!

Later I drove to the River’s Edge in Tumwater for the wedding party.  I didn’t know many people, but I was glad to be there.  I was getting overly absorbed by the game on tv… but it was definitely a lovely evening.

Afterward the party moved to the 1230 Room, where they had reserved the lounge.  I was surprised by how cool it was there, sitting up in the lounge like a VIP.  The music wasn’t too loud, but it was definitely a dance club.  I think the most surprising thing is that the DJ was beatmixing som 80s music!

Ok, I know I’m not exactly living on the vanguard of West Coast nightlife, but 10 years ago I would have been surprised to hear some competent beatmixing in Seattle, let alone Olympia.  What a trip.  Shawn of the Bread put the screws to the dude to start playing some 80s and 90s music, and he came up with Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough with Culo, and then Sweet Child of Mine with Whoop! There It Is.  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and You Shook Me All Night Long were in there too.  The mix was kind of brilliant.

I didn’t stay long at the club, I had to get back to Seattle for an early recording session the next morning.  Do check out my new show  Q&A Spanish when you get the chance!

Anyway, the photo at the left is from the photo booth that Marti and Shawn had at the party.  People were having a lot of fun putting on funny costumes for the photos, but as you can see I decided to keep it classy.



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