Why didn’t I know this before?

This is a two and a half minute video showing that reheating leftover pizza in a skillet on the stove is BY FAR the best way to reheat pizza at home, firing up the pizza stone.

Seriously, when it comes to reheating pizza, the microwave and the toaster oven can both go to hell.

After a year in New York, I have to say I like the bottom of my pizza charred.  So the other night I brought home a pizza from Padrinos, which is kind of a working-class pizza around the corner from my house, run by some Russians, who are perfectly nice.  By the time I got it home, it was still warm, but it had already steamed itself in the box and got all chewy which hurts my stomach.

So I threw a slice on the skillet over a medium flame, and I got a sweet char on the bottom,  and the floppy slice became structurally sound.  Don’t add oil or anything, there’s plenty of oil in that pizza.

Why did I not know this before?  It’s not life changing, but it’s a significant improvement to the floppy leftover pizza experience.  Significant.

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