Spreading the news

JP in Bryant Park, Summer 2009

It’s Monday night.  By this time Friday night I’ll be back in Manhattan.

I’m taking a long weekend and spending it in New York City.  Some of my friends from college proposed meeting back in the Big Apple to attend the UW vs. Duke game at Madison Square Garden, and I said yes, yes, yes.

It’s funny, when I lived in New York, I went to Madison Square Garden every day; my office was directly above the arena.  Of course I never had the occasion to go in, so this weekend will be a pretty cool first.

I’m most excited to see my friends of course.  There will be reunions, and a karaoke party–it’s J’s birthday, coincidentally, so it’s gonna be fun.  I’m looking forward to checking out a few of my old haunts, and maybe some new ones.  I was thinking of getting back my favorite Pick a Bagel in Battery Park City and getting the traditional lox bagel on toasted poppy seed.

It’s funny, the thing I’m most looking forward to is getting a $10 haircut at my barber in Chinatown.  It’s cheap, they know how to cut my Asian hair, and I get to practice my Chinese.

So fly in Friday night, fly out Monday night.  Then the following week is Christmas break.

It’s gonna be great to visit my old friends in Manhattan.  I’m working on a plan to visit Shanghai again; we’ll see how that goes.  Most of my Shanghai friends have scattered, and are now all over the world; unfortunately I’ve lost track of a few of them.

Anyway, New York this weekend; let me know if you want to meet up.

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