Free Food and some Blasts from the Past

4am:  My phone wakes me up with a series of chat alerts.  It’s Kiwi J with a drunk wrong-window chat, which he realizes and rescues with comments about jazz.  I wonder if I should answer, and think “what would Kiwi J do if the roles were reversed?”  I decided to email him in the morning, and go back to sleep.

7am:  I get dressed and ready to leave for work.  I check out the chat stream… as expected, it is baffling and delightful.  Kiwi J had chatted a few lines in Chinese that I don’t understand… so I activate my Chinese expert network (an American, a Canadian, and an Aussie).  None of them understand it either, but it does feel good to touch base with them, even just with a quick question.

10:30am:  Advent Mass in the gym.  I screwed up all the new responses, especially “And with your spirit.”  Blech.  The archbishop celebrated, and before the final blessing he stopped to remind us:  1) God loves you, 2) pray, 3) he (the archbishop) will be happy to pray for you if there’s something on your mind.  I decided I really like this new archbishop.

11:50am:  “Gratia.”  Free food! So one day a month, the parents do a big potluck lunch for the faculty. It is AWESOME.  In fact, when I was in China, my friend C once busted his leg, running to one of these potlucks.  This one was put on the the moms of the freshman football team, and I think they were trying to outdo each other, because the food was all

2:40pm:  “Thunder”  More free food!  The development office, communications, and HR decided to have a reception for the faculty and staff.  They hosted it at the Eastlake Bar and Grill.  And when I say “hosted,” I mean that they reserved a section and then paid for everybody’s food and drinks.  My favorite was the smokey cheesy waffle fries.

7:00pm:  Free movie, and even more free food!  The World Market decided to treat it’s loyalty card customers to the new Tintin movie.  When I showed up, they put a party band around my wrist, gave me my 3d glasses and a $10 gift card for concessions… and also a $10 off coupon for the store!  With my gift card I got a vitamin water zero and a hot dog, and then went in to the screening.  I kept waiting for some marketing or some survey or something, but no, they just plain treated us to this movie, and asked for nothing in return.  There weren’t even any commercials or previews!

9:30pm:  I come home and check my mail box, and I got a package from my boy D in Alaska… two cans of his own smoked wild salmon!  … and one can of mints.  Think he’s trying to tell me something?

Finally I got a goofy reply from S, who is either in Charleston or Brooklyn. Hearing from him always brings me back to great memories of samba and pandeiro practice.

Ok, one last night of grading, and one more day of school tomorrow, and it’s Christmas Break.

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