Wrong Number Texter

Wrong number texter:  So what’s good, bessfriend.
Me:  Who is this?
WRT:   Tay tAy
Me: I think you got the wrong number
WRT:  r yu sure.
WRT:  Bessfriendd. Dnt play
Me:  You’re right.  Whoever you are, come over and bring me a chicken pot pie.
WRT: Ok.  After I get off work.  And that’s 4:30.  But I’ll give yu more than pot pie!!!! 🙂
Me:  Yah, now I’m positive you go the wrong number.
WRT:  Yeah. Sorry bout that.  Haha.  No hard feelings??? Lol.

One thought on “Wrong Number Texter

  1. Ha, I have awrong number texter who thinks I’ m some skirt he’s been chasing for a long time, and whenever I try to tell him I’m not a chick, he thinks his sweet young thing is messing with him. On top of of that, it’s international texts from Mexico.


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