Notes: 30 Minutes to Christmas

It’s 30 minutes to Christmas in Las Vegas.  Here’s what I’ve been up to.

  • H and I landed at McCarran the other day in the early afternoon.  It was just as cold here as it was in Seattle, but the air was dry and the sun was shining bright.
  • We had reserved a rental car, ended up with an Elantra.  Not bad.
  • So far there has been bibimbab, mool naeng myun, crawfish,  And a lot of food at home.  For Noche buena my sister and I stopped off a the Argentinian deli and came back with some jamón serrano and queso manchego.  My parents came back with a roast chicken and a roast duck.
  • I got bored during Sound of Music, so I instigated an early gift-opening at around 9pm.  Hey, it’s midnight somewhere… and Christmas morning somewhere else.  I got a crab-cracking brick and tool, a stainless-steel insulated French press pot, a cocktail shaker, an oven mitt….
  • My folks’ house is filled with booze, which they don’t drink, but they get for free…. there’s free booze all over Vegas.  My sister and I chilled a bottle of champagne; mama says it’s from the Hard Rock.  We’re drinking it in pajamas and watching Mass at St. Peter’s.  They’re still singing the Gloria, but I’m gonna go hit the rack.

Happy Christmas to all my dear friends and readers all over the world.

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