Everybody Loves Jeremy Lin. Everybody.

I chose this picture because it looks like “grasp the bird’s tail.”  wohaaaawwwww!

So I was on Martin Luther King Boulevard yesterday, and I found a halal restaurant and ordered a cup of beef broth and a gyros sandwich.  There were some glorious paintings of the monuments in Mecca on the walls; hard-faced gentlemen wishing each other peace and looking stern.  In the bathroom there is a pistol-grip hose attached to the wall, so that a prayerful person might enter the mosque without a speck of defilement.

The big screens in the dining room were tuned ESPN’s Sports Center, of course, which I watched without a lot of interest as I ate the onions and cilantro out of my beef broth.  It was pretty quiet.

Then the obligatory Jeremy Lin report came on, and everybody perked up.  People came out of the kitchen to watch the highlights.  The server, who before had been on the wrong side of grumpy, was giddy as he bussed a table, saying to himself, “did you see him dunk on that guy?”

When Lin himself came on the screen in an interview, the dining room hushed.  Even the African ladies with their winter coats and  ḥijābs put their spoons down to listen.  When the interview was over, everyone in the restaurant started smiling and chatting like old friends. The servers started addressing me as “brah.”

At this point I should link to a bunch of “chink in the armor” articles, linsanity puns, and maybe a link to the press release where the Xinhua news agency suggested that Lin play for the PRC’s Olympic Basketball team.  Yes, that’s exactly what I should do.

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