Oh, no way!

Keyboard Pants.

So remember back in 2006 when I dreamt up the the wireless keyboard pants?  Well, it has finally happened.  You’re welcome, future.

Small Island.

I’ve got three friends in Taiwan, and so far two of them have met Benny the Irish Polyglot, (my fake enemy).  One was Skritter Jake, who interviewed him for the Skritter Blog. The other is Aussie L, who was sitting in a café with a friend when Benny walked in; apparently he was meeting his tutor for his daily lesson.

My students are going to flip when I tell them.

I’m that guy.

Today after work I came home and crashed; woke up around 10pm, hungry for some comfort food.  I went to the Mecca on Lower Queen Anne and ordered the roast turkey sandwich, which was a lot of food for $10 bones.  I didn’t end up finishing all the potatoes.  Also, I didn’t pay, because I had left my wallet at home.  Guhhhhh I was so embarrassed, I hate being that guy.  I left my phone with the waitress and ran home for my wallet.

When I came back, the waitress said “aw, I knew you’d be back, honey,” but I could tell she was worried.  I was worried, too, wondering what she’d think if I crashed my car or died in an earthquake or something, maybe I died suddenly of surprise kidney failure, and I couldn’t get back to the diner to settle the check.

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