These are the Hits

I checked my blog stats today, as I do everyday, and checked out how people found their way to my blog.

I’ve taken a look at my search terms before (herehere, and here).  Can I just say that I’m glad I’ve finally stopped getting hits for terms like “I need sex,” “Boba Fett Gay,” “dog sex toys” and “naked filipino.”

Here’s what they’ve been searching for today:

chicken parts, parts of a chicken 

I feel bad for the folks hitting my blog for “chicken parts,” because they’re obviously looking for important food information, and they’re getting this post.  This is a rambling post, mostly about the night me and the boys went to a Battle’s concert in Shanghai.  At the very end there’s a picture of some chicken parts labeled, and me being annoyed that my Mexican coworkers could not tell a drumstick from a drumette, and my Chinese friend didn’t know a breast from a thigh.  If you’re looking for chicken parts, folks, try this link.  Or maybe this one.

drying cabinet dishes, astiankuivauskaappi

My own astiankuivauskaappi (a Finnish-invented dish-drying rack that drips over the sink) kind of pales in comparison to all the European ones I linked to on my original post, but for some reason “astiankuivauskappi” and “dish drying cabinet” searches on both Google and Bing will bring you to my little ol’ blog.  I know that my friend the inimitable BitchPhD got inspired, and installed an Ikea rig in her kitchen as well.  It bothers me that this technology isn’t standard in American kitchens; it’s not like it’s a difficult concept

pictures of poured jameson

A Google Images search of “pictures of poured Jameson” gets you the image from my pickleback post.  Sweet merciful crap, I love that drink.

benny the irish polyglot

So it turns out that my blog post shows up on the first page of a google search about my fake nemesis, Benny from  Benny can’t be happy with that; I don’t think he was that impressed with me.  I’m sure has he gets more famous my blog post will drop off of that search page.

By the way, Benny’s Mandarin mission is over… how did he do?  Pretty good, I think, but I don’t think that he reached his goal of C1 proficiency.  He made huge strides, though, that you can see in his videos.  I have my guesses about why he didn’t reach C1, and I hope it’s not unkind to say… I think he studied in isolation too much for too long; didn’t get out there and really talk to people to the extent that he might have.  Now I’m sure he did to that a lot, but not enough.

Remember, folks, when it comes to language instinct, I’m a true believer… that the human instinct to acquire language is triggered and fed by real, meaningful communication; not by studying, drilling down, “no pain, no gain” bullshit.

I don’t think Mandarin per se is “too hard” for someone to acquire through instinct, but it does require a lot at the beginning… things like breaking native language intonation habits.  Actually, if anything is hard, it’s braking native language habits is what is hard; Mandarin per se is not harder or easier than any other language.  At least that’s what fluent five year olds tell us.

what is galis

“Galis” is the Pangasinan word for “scabies,” and my post might be the only website on the whole internet that address that.  You’re. Welcome.


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