Recipe: Tortilla de patatas

I made this tortilla de patatas video this morning; another test shoot.  This one turned out well… the tortilla itself was the best I ever made.  There were some auto-focus issues with my camera, some lighting problems, and worst of all, I missed the money shot, where you flip the tortilla onto a plate.

I’m off to get an MRI now, and I’ll stop at the bakery for a baguette, so I can eat the rest of this tortilla…

4 thoughts on “Recipe: Tortilla de patatas

  1. HA! Awesome! I make this all the time, but have had some issues, especially with potatoes sticking to the bottom and egg burning on the bottom. I see from your vid that there are few things in the process I could do. I usually nuke the potatewos cause they always stick before they are cooked through….didn’t think of cooking them first, before the onion, and covering the pan…. Also I usually mix the egg in the fry pan…I’m going to try your way and see if I get better success


  2. My best two tricks for avoiding potatoes sticking to the bottom:
    – use less heat
    – put the onion into the pan before adding the potatoes

    Also, I’m using fewer potatoes than JP.

    And my best two additions:
    – one chopped habanero chili (put it into the hot oil for a minute (with or without the onion) while chopping the potatoes in order to make sure that the tortilla doesn’t taste too hot)
    – alternatively: add some chopped jalapeños to the eggs(!) (if you let them boil with the potatoes they will lose some of their taste)


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