“Breakfast Buffet Day 4” and “Vocab I don’t memorize”

Breakfast Buffet Day 4

Good morning from lovely Taipei, Taiwan.  There were no tourist buses at the hotel breakfast buffet today, just some sleepy Taiwanese people being all quiet and 文明。

Today’s buffet featured panko-fried chicken thighs, long beans with baby corn, yakisoba in a spicy bolongese, some bean-curd in veggies, 什麼呢.  As always the obligatory hot bologna, little wieners, limp bacon, and pile of steamed scrambled eggs.  I think my favorite has been sliced taiwanese sausage chao’ed vegetables.

Hotel breakfast buffet has been an exciting part of my stay here in Taiwan so far, but I’m looking forward to the coming weeks of further breakfast exploration.

In the interest of full disclosure, here’s the raw version of the “no pommel horse” photo I posted yesterday:

So as you can see, there is not a pommel horse problem here in Taipei.  Well, if there is, it’s not as bad as the debilitating erection problem in the Shanghai Metro.

Ok, enough of that.  Here were the words I learned yesterday:

Vocab I don’t memorize

Someone was criticizing me about how few words I seem to be learning.  Meh.  If you do the math no 5 year olds, they pick up an average of 10 words a day.  Maybe I can push myself harder, but then what?  I’d be freaking competing with five year olds; get a grip.

I’d rather have a daily habit of learning a few words and learning them for real, than infrequent panic attacks of learning 40 fruits for a quiz, so that I can later forget most of them.

Another person asked me if I memorized/flashcarded these words before going out and using them, and the answer is no, I don’t.  I just bring my list with me and read them off the list.  So what?  Once I’ve used them in a real conversation a couple three times, my brain holds on to them on it’s own, and suddenly I’m off list… with zero “memorization.”  The trick is to go out and make yourself use them, which frankly, is more challenging and more rewarding than memorizing a list.  Also I suck at that.

If later on, I forget the word, then I feel bad about it, look it up, and the “feeling bad about it” is usually enough to burn it into my brain.

Ok, I’m off to meet my new teacher.

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