Snap! My kungfu is sudden and terrifying!

  1. 放假 fàng jià: have a holiday or vacation
  2. 颱風 táifēng: typhoon; hurricane
  3. 計程車 jìchéngchē: taxi
  4. mào: to look at closely; nearsighted; dim; indistinct vision
  5. 注意 zhùyì: pay attention to; take notice of; be careful
  6. 常見 chángjiàn: commonly seen; to see something frequently
  7. 皮夾 píjiā: wallet
  8. 逃生 táoshēng: flee for one’s life; escape death
  9. 肉餅臉 ròubǐng: meat patty face, chubby kid
  10. 插隊 chāduì: to cut in line
  11. 排隊 pái duì: queue; stand in line
  12. 溫故知新 wēngùzhīxīn: gain new insights through reviewing old material
  13. 相機 xiàngjī: camera
  14. 照相 zhào xiàng: take a photograph
  15. 拍照 pāizhào: take a picture/photograph
  16. 震驚 zhènjīng: shock; astonish (unpleasant)
  17. 驚訝 jīngyà: surprised; astonished; astound (pleasant)

I had lunch with Skritter Jake yesterday; 小籠包,麻醬緬,什麼呢。 When I showed him a picture of the 小籠包 that I took, I also scrolled to a picture of the slip of paper where a cab driver taught me the words 遊學 and 留學. Jake was surprised that I had gotten a language lesson from a cab driver, complete with visuals! What can I say…

After lunch, we were walking downstairs; I wasn’t sure how or where to pay, but when Jake started reaching for his 皮夾 píjiā: wallet, I came down really hard with a 5 spot and 請’ed him, saying 那我請客吧 “how about I just pay.”

Jake was shocked, and I snapped my fingers hard in front of my face; the international sign of “my kungfu is sudden and terrifying.” The cashier chuckled at us.

“Not cool, JP, we don’t play those Mainland games here in Taiwan!” Jake says, which is a really funny thing to say. There have been a lot of 台灣和大陸有什麼不同! conversations… you’re not in the PRC anymore, Toto… Taiwan and the Mainland have various differences.

Later on, I was in a cab to Kiwi Jks’ place. Earlier, a cab driver had strained to look at an address on my phone, so this time, I wrote it out on a slip of paper for him. My driver was a great talker, and we had a great 台灣和大陸有什麼不同! conversation. As we got closer, the driver said, you know, you made a mistake, you wrote 東 wrong. Gimme that paper.

So I handed him my address paper, and he took out a pen and corrected my 東。 Count ’em Jake, that’s TWO taxi cab language lessons!

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5 thoughts on “Snap! My kungfu is sudden and terrifying!

  1. I just saw now, the word for camera 相机 also means “at the opportune moment”. Kinda reminds me of a Kodak moment. Just at write with a camera. Cool words there JP!

    Also the 小笼包 looks way too 好吃! Damn you guys 🙂


    • Thanks for reading, Niel, typos ain’t no thang. 😉

      I am struggling with camera/photograph vocabulary. It seems like every time I ask, there’s a different word for camera. I told my teacher I’d try to sort it out tonight. I like that “right moment” association… maybe that’s the thing my brain will finally hold on to!


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