BÙ HÉFǍ! 不合法!

The typhoon has passed.  It’s raining today, but it’s light rain, not the typhoony rain of before.  The temperature has cooled down quite a bit from yesterday.

I went to my lesson at 9:30, asked a lot of questions and learned some cool words.  Will put them up later.

After the lesson, my teacher found me some haircut options.  The haircut itself was pretty cheap, but then I added the shampoo, and then I let them talk me into the “spa treatment” which was an expensive head massage… which was awesome.  The whole thing came out to under USD $40, which seems like a lot… but… head massage.

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She said her name was Michelle.  She suggested that we take a picture of me with a good haircut, for future reference.  Later, she quizzed me about her name.

After that, I met Aussie L for some Indonesian food at a restaurant called “Borneo.”  It was nice to eat food that wasn’t super oily… and nice to eat rice off a plate with a spoon!  We went for coffee me afterwards at some place called Bagel Miracle or My Bagel Savior… something like that… That turned into an Australian accent lesson, that included a lot of bad words.

After that I went to a school supply shop that Skritter Jake showed me. I left there out of boredom, and wandered down to the guitar shop, which was sweltering.  Nobody talked to me, so I didn’t buy the ukulele.

So then I got in a cab back for my hotel.  The cab driver asked me where I was from, and as always, I made him guess.  He didn’t guess right (the first Taiwanese person that hasn’t) and so I told him America; parents are from the Philippines.

Then he launched into a long lecture, telling me to say that I’m Filipino, because my parents are Filipino, so I’m Filipino.  Don’t say that you’re American, he said, because that is the most uncivilized country on earth!  He started lecturing me about America, China, the comparative ages of each civilization, and who goes to war and why.  There was a comment about small countries like Taiwan, Philippines, and just look at what happened to Korea.  There was a discussion of 民族 mínzú,minorities in America.  When he turned onto Changan Road, he started to give me a lecture about the 1% and the 99%,the banking crisis, the mortgage situation… and he was shouting BU HEFA! at the top of his lungs, he must have yelled it 50 times.

So that’s my word of the day!  BU HEFA!  I was hoping it would be a juicy word, like “horrible injustice” but it turns out it was only 不合法, “illegal.”  He also told me he couldn’t stand Americans, 美國人受不了!I didn’t think the light was ever going to change.

I get up early tomorrow to set up the house-sitting situation; which means I’ll be missing the early round at the hotel breakfast buffet.  Yesterday was cool because it was filled with little kids.  Today’s group were some very well dressed and quiet Taiwanese people, being very sophisticated and civilized.

I’m going to go down to my secret cafe where I get stable wifi and take a look at my vocab from today’s lesson.  I have to get out of here–the hotel–anyway, as they haven’t made up my room yet, and I want to give them a chance to get on that.  Just one more night in this hotel.

8 nights is a long stint in a hotel.  I was trying to think about what it would be like to go back to Shanghai for 10 days; now 10 days to me seems like a long, long time.  We’ll see.

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