The New Neighborhood

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The slideshow above is a study of the skyline from my new apartment’s laundry porch.

This morning was my last at the three star hotel; the last of the hotel breakfast buffets.  I packed up my gear and got in a cab, and was a little sad to go.  I doubt I’ll be returning to my favorite cafeteria, or to my secret coffee shop on the park.

My new digs are down by the 麟光站 the Linguang MRT station.  Check out the character 麟 lín; it means “female unicorn” and has 24 strokes, as I count them.  Guh!

Anyway, the apartment itself is a fifth floor walk up (on the real fifth floor) with not a lot of natural light, but comfortable furniture, stable internet, and my own private bathroom, so we’re good.  I’m renting it through (not really from) my new friend J, who I was sorry to see go this morning.

I am, however, quite psyched about his/my neighborhood.  There’s a breakfast shop on the corner, I’m meant to become a regular there.  Around the other corner is a Vietnamese restaurant that sells banh mi and pho.  Down the road a little is a morning market, a park where old folks hang out, and then a cool little district full of typical restaurants.

Unfortunately I didn’t see any suitable study spots, or bars where foreigners languidly sit at outdoor tables, sipping beers and blowing cigarette smoke at people.  I did see all the regular shops you need in a neighborhood; the cleaners, the plastic basket shop; the bakery, and more scooter and toilet repair than you can shake a stick at!

Shopping list:

  • washcloth
  • ashtray (for coins!)

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