Red Ukulele

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Today I was late, so breakfast was at 海倫。  After class, I had a cup of coffee at Benny’s Cafe, where I met Aussie L.  We went to second breakfast:  Grandma Nitti’s Kitchen.  Later there was Caffe 4Mano, which was great in all respects except location… also the coffee was starting to get ass.
I managed to get home before the rainstorm and have a pork chop at the Vietnamese place around the corner.  I came back and studied for a while, and then went to my cantonese bbq place, where I learned Vegas words like spend money, gamble, and casino.  I also learned the words below!
Oh yes, and then I bought a red ukulele.
  1. 搭公車 dā gōngchē to take the bus
  2. 搭捷運 dā jiéyùn to take the MRT
  3. 純 chún pure
  4. 全部 quánbù whole, entire, complete
  5. 寄宿家庭 jìsùjiātíng homestay
  6. 鄉村 xiāngcūn el campo
  7. 隨興 suíxìng to be laid back in a good way
  8. 血糖 xuètáng blood sugar
  9. 新鮮 xīnxiān fresh
  10. 季節 jìjié season
  11. 當季 dàngjì in season
  12. 榴蓮 liúlián durian
  13. 火龍果 huǒlóngguǒ dragon fruit
  14. 當地 dāngdì local
  15. 黃昏市場 huánghūn shìchǎng early evening market
  16. 香腸 xiāngcháng sausage
  17. 糯米腸 nuòmǐ cháng sticky-rice sausage
  18. 盆地 péndì geographical basin
  19. 社區 shèqū community/neighborhood
  20. 串燒 chuànshāo skewer and grill
  21. 賭場 dǔchǎng casino
  22. 花錢 huāqián to spend money
  23. 刷錢 shuǎqián to gamble
  24. 乌克丽丽 wūkèlìlì ukelele

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